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Evaluate where you might find your 5%
10 Quick Questions to see where you stand 
1. Is “why” valued and explained at every opportunity?
2. Is your view and execution of the consumer journey evolved and relevant?
3. Do you frequently review and update your clients strategies and goals?
4. How you clearly identified the needs and wants of all of your stakeholders?
5. Is time is set aside for learning & development of soft skills during working hours?
6. Is all media and measurement connected, especially tracking actions across different funnel stages and media?
7. Is your media regularly audited against best practices?
8. Is your creative/content optimized for KPIs (e.g. interactions or conversions) both within the creative and on site?
9. Are you actively getting the best value from your Technology Partners?
10. Are your repeatable tasks (reports, QBR’s, etc) are effectively templated?

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